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The Royal Mail Group War Memorials Database

Welcome to the RMG War Memorials Database! Here you can search a catalogue of all war memorial on Royal Mail premises. Royal Mail is thought to be the second largest custodian of war memorials in Britain, behind only the Church.

Photograph of war memorial in Woking Post Office

How to search the catalogue for war memorials

  1. Use the catalogue search box at the top of this page to enter the town or place of interest
  2. To limit the search to war memorials, enter ‘memorials’ in the Finding Number box.
  3. Leaving the Finding Number box empty will search the whole museum and archive catalogue for the town or place you have entered.

About the War Memorials project

The Database has been compiled by Royal Mail and The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA). Working in partnership with Royal Mail, the BPMA project team have recorded details of war memorials in:

  • Mail centres
  • Post offices
  • Sorting offices
  • Delivery offices
  • Administration buildings

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Notes about the database

Each memorial has been given a unique record within the BPMA catalogue. Although each record includes information about location and access to the memorial, it has not been possible to record individual names. Photographs are provided in some cases which may make it possible to read the names.

Access to the memorials

Please note that access to each of these memorials may not be possible for operations reasons or health and safety. Many memorials, however, are in public areas and can be visited at any time the office is open. As far as possible details on the level of access has been recorded.

What if a building containing a memorial is closed or moved? As part of the project, a small, discreet sign was fixed near to each memorial giving instructions as to action required if the memorial needed to be moved.

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